Time Out “The stunner of our meal was deep-fried sea bass with fish sauce and mango. Presented whole with slivers of the just-ripe fruit, chilli and lashings of fishy nuoc mam, it was a pure harmony of flavours (sweet, salty, sour) and textures (crisp skin, moist fish, slippery mango)”
View London“The staff at Mien Tay are astonishingly friendly – especially for London – and care so much about how you like the food that at the end of the night you’ll feel like you’ve left their home, rather than their restaurant”
Logo“it’s as if the culinary gods themselves have shined a light from the heavens and blessed SW11 with the restaurant of their dreams”

Logo“My (Pho) was heaven — worth going to Battersea for all on its own. A big meal bowl for £5.50; the best value for anything cooked in all of Britain…There was also an exceptional dish of goat with galangal…Mien Tay may well be the best Vietnamese restaurant in London” AA Gill
Logo“Last weekend we tried lunch at… Mien Tay…and were captivated by the place…Squid with garlic and salt made a delicious starter, as did a quartered quail, spicily marinated and irresistible to pick up and eat with the fingers”
Metro“If you only eat one restaurant dish this year, make it the starter of grilled quail at Mien Tay”